There is a vast chasm between the Board of Directors and the management team.

The Board invests perhaps 250 hours a year (or 6+ working weeks) at their tasks while the management team is likely to invest over 3,000 hours a year. At the C-suite level it’s almost always a 24/7 x 365 job.

Not only is there this vast difference in annual invested time, but 80% of the directors would not have a background in the company or industry on whose board they serve. To be sure, they have been chosen for individual attributes such as a glowing track record of achievement at the head of some organization but most often they are not chosen for company/industry knowledge.

In addition, directors are usually involved in many other activities from a second or a third board to their own investments and recreational interests let alone children and grandchildren.

The end result is an information chasm and a communications chasm not unlike the Grand Canyon – a mile deep and 20 miles across.

Making informed and intelligent decisions across that chasm is no easy task.

It is my goal to bridge that chasm.

Clearing the path to success…