There is a vast chasm between the Board of Directors and the management team.

Through decades of experience, I have developed a tool set to help span those chasms. These tools will lengthen the odds that the strategic decisions made by the board and management will result in a longer term, sustainable competitive differentiation advantage (LTSCDA).

These tools range from my “Top Ten Tips” to keep strategy at the top of the Board agenda to “The Chairs Three Critical Tasks: Talent, Tone & Time”.

It is vital that Boards know where they are investing their time.

Time is invested to get a return so where is that resource being invested?

As Peter Drucker teaches us, “Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.”

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

I served for a decade as Vice-Chairman of Peter Drucker’s Foundation and learned many things from this pre-eminent management thinker. Peter also states, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” So, how is your board to know the real culture of your company?

I mentor Boards in their practices and Chairs in their approaches to their tasks. This is a very high value relationship. I frequently bring Boards up to date on current best practices both in Canada and abroad.

“Clear, memorable & compelling.”

As it is the management team that usually prepares and presents the board’s papers, I work closely with the C-suite team to fashion their materials in a way that I describe as, “clear, memorable & compelling.”

Few, if any, executives have been taught the art of making their presentation impactful. I have helped them do this for decades with a very high repeat rate.

This learning is valuable and immediately actionable.

Clearing the path to success…