VIDEO: How Do I Get My Concerns Addressed?

In this video, Corporate Governance Expert David Beatty discusses how to get one’s concerns addressed by a board of directors, and the importance of validating those concerns before approaching the board. Continue Reading

VIDEO: How Do You Get the Right Topics On the Agenda?

In this video, Corporate Governance Expert David Beatty addresses the challenges of getting the right topics on the agenda of a board of directors. Continue Reading

VIDEO: How Does a Board Get More Strategic?

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How to Be An Effective Chair

The board is only as good as its Chair. An ineffective Chair will result in an ineffective board. If, as a director, you find yourself in a situation where your Chair is not doing a great job then intervene. Have breakfast, lunch or dinner to discuss the challenges. If that still proves ineffective then resign. Continue Reading

ARTICLE: The Independents’ Challenge

The necessarily uncomfortable role of Non-Executive Directors: Insights from Rotman’s David Beatty NOTE: This article was featured on the IEDP Developing Leaders website. Irving Olds, who was chairman of US Steel Inc in the 1940s, noted that non-executive or ‘independent’ directors of corporations were “like the parsley on fish – decorous but not useful”, notes David Beatty in a… Continue Reading

David Beatty Receives ICGN Lifetime Achievement Award

The ICGN, an investor-led body with members representing assets under management in excess of US$34trillion, has announced awards to two organisations and one individual in honour of their exceptional achievements towards improving corporate governance. Continue Reading

VIDEO: Board Governance & Sexual Harrassment #metoo

David Beatty and Rick Powers weigh in on the #metoo movement, what it means for your board when dealing with sexual harassment and how it affects corporate governance in Canada. Continue Reading