VIDEO: The Digital Tsunami

David Beatty and Rick Powers discuss the importance of boards dealing with new technology or risk being left behind.

Hold Boards of Directors Accountable

By David R. Beatty C.M., O.B.E. Boards of Directors should be held accountable when it comes to scandals or criminal failure. Here’s why. USA Gymnastics board members resign amid Nassar sexual assault scandal. They should have been held accountable – and the University of Michigan is opening a full-scale investigation into who knew what and… Continue Reading

Field Visits By Directors

By David R. Beatty C.M., O.B.E. To understand the operating culture of a company field visits are an absolute must. Here’s why. You can understand nothing, absolutely nothing, about the operating culture of any company by sitting around the boardroom. At the boardroom table you “eat what you are fed” by the top management team. This… Continue Reading